Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tie Clips and Your Morning Beverage

Your sitting in your cubicle, trying to believe you can revolutionize your entire company's account info with one Excel formula. You lean over your desk to plug in your phone charger and BLOOP. Tie's in the coffee. You are now the office wet puppy all day, and you now don't meet the corporate suit and tie dress code. BAM! Boss(wo)man strolls up and says,"Hey, kid, what happened to your shirt and tie?"
"I ....uh...well, see the thing tie..."
"...Just drank your coffee for you?"
"Well, yeah."
"...And I'm trusting you to organize our company's financial information and you don't even have the sense to wear a tie clip?"
"Well, yes."

{Insert FACE PALM here}

That's you. Slowly swiveling in your chair watching your boss face palm. Sad.

DON'T spend a lot of money on these. There is absolutely no point. I've had a $7 one from Target for two years and have had no problems. The others in my collection are 25+ years old and work perfectly. 

Just be sure your clip is the same size or shorter than the width of your tie. No overhang, fellas.

Buy classic, buy cool. In the words of my 1st grade teacher,"Keep It Simple, Stupid."

P.S> I keep my clips, cuffs, and tacks in a cigar box. Five bucks at any cigar store. And you get to go to a cigar store. BONUS!

- from the inside of My Father's Closet

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So... This is when the world went... *pause for anticipation*...stupid...

It's obscure and vaguely cool. But what can we learn from this?

So, long story short, acclaimed designer and punkstress(<-made that one up) Vivienne Westwood has been making this exact hat since the 80's when it first appeared in her Fall/Winter collection. Cool. It then hit the mainstream in a Rock Steady Crew video called "Buffalo Gals". Beast, right? Right. But I'm not a celeb, and you may or may not be, so there is very few who can pull off this enormous hat at WalMart or even Benihana without ridicule.Cause those are the only two places non-celebs can go. Everyone felt pretty silly after making fun of Pharrell when they found out it was a Westwood. I didn't, for the record.

Now, for us mere mortals, we need reasonability and versatility. Take a look at how Johnny Depp wears a similar one. He has been wearing them for years and they look awesome to me.  The moral: Pharrell wasn't the first.

See, now that's more reasonable, with a hint of high-brow fashion. Tear drop crown with a 2 7/8" flanged brim. Doesn't get much cooler for me.

Here's what I have:

Pure class. It's a medium brown Bigali with around a 2' brim. It is nothing fancy but it gets the job done. The hardest part of owning this hat is maintaining a flat brim. Some hats like these have wire in the edge for molding into a deliberate rough edge. Note: deliberate rough look. When hats without wiring get bent they just look silly and frumpy. Did I just.... yeah why not, frumpy. It has a very tame and conservative dark brown leather band around it. It cost around $45 big ones at a local vintage store.

Just won't happen. Really, it won't.

I despise the commercialization and mass production of those putrid fedoras everyone thinks make them instantly SoHo chic. So they buy 'em on Canal and continue up Broadway. Burn them, burn them all.
If you're a mobster or still in the Mafia, fine, wear it. But I don't think you should be reading Men's Fashion Blog's all day. What would the other Mobsters think?

The Moral:

Pharrell wasn't the first. Don't buy a hat you have to take off when walking through a doorway. Try a ton of them on to see what you like. When you buy, buy small business. And if you hate the hat you purchase, maybe you'll at least learn the circumference of your noggin. 

-from the inside of My Father's Closet

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Punctual Gentleman

What do you look for in watches?


There are plenty of well known brands that have phenomenal pedigree and history. And that doesn't mean they have to be expensive. Brands like Timex, Rolex, Seiko, Casio, Citizen and Swatch.All of these brand's offer both high-end affordable watches (less than $500 US). However you can easily find fantastic watches from companies with a superb family history and great consumer review. I personally don't condone spending an exorbitant amount on a daily-wear watches. You don't want to expose a fine watch to the elements and forget you're wearing it. 


If you're going to have multiple, go for versatility in shape and size. There is no point in having multiple watches that look alike. I find that circular faced watches blend well with any outfit depending on band style. However, it's easy to catch eyes staring at your wrist when things get a bit more unique. If I were looking for a unique face shape I would spend less, as they can't be worn 24/7. Square and rectangular faced watches look great in more dressy situations. Not only will it look great but it could be a fine ice breaker. Small or Big? There is no right answer, just make sure it is proportional to your wrist and body size. Bigger gentleman look better with over sized or larger faced watches, and vice versa for our smaller gentleman. 

Band Style:

There are many times you will pay more for a band than the watch itself. The first watch mistake I ever made was buying a faux leather band. It's just not worth it. The band broke in two weeks. Fork out the $70-$100 and get a nice croc leather or cow hide watch band. Go for great colors, but make sure your shoes aren't all black. I like for my band to coincide with my belt and my shoes. It doesn't have to be exact but make sure there is a common thread that ties everything together. Make sure if you only have one watch, the band is conservative i.e. Black, Brown, Gold, Silver. Dress your watches to the occasion. There is no need for a gold band to putz around in. People will still say,"Wow, I really like your watch!" And they'll mean it but what they're really saying is,"Wow, cool watch bro, you know we're camping right?" Don't be the guy who can't collect firewood for everyone because he's too worried about scratching his watch or band.


Literally anything but throwing it on your bedside table. You've spent good money on them, keep them looking sharp. 

Dos and Do Nots:

  • Do buy watches that you can wear forever
  • Do think about you watch or it's band's versatility
  • Do share your affordable findings with friends
  • Don't tell people you have a Rolex if they never ask. (Trust me, they'll ask. And then stare at you thinking"How'd he do it? Inheritance? Promotion? Thief?")
  • Don't think the price of your watch has anything to do with it's medial quality. 
  • Do have fun learning about your watch
-from the inside of My Father's Closet

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekender II

The perfect bag. An off white canvas bag designed for lighter load with substantial volume. The bag offer the rigidity of two metal frames at the top so you bag doesn't collapse on itself.  It's design couldn't suit it's name more perfectly. It offer ample space for a long weekend trip, with room to spare...depending on your packing skills.

Real leather? No way...

Yes, real leather. And it's actually really nice and pliable. The functionality of the two outside leather straps is a bit cumbersome to strap up but that's is so minor in the grand scheme.

Oh...that's it? That's all that's in the bag?

No dummy. My bag came filled with awesome stuff ranging from Carmex Chapstick to delicious power snacks. 
The coolest part had to be the hydration pills however. I'd never tried anything like it before and it was an interesting addition. Not sure if I felt any more hydrated than normal....but I'll take their word for it.

-from the inside of My Father's Closet

Monday, June 9, 2014

Himalayan Salt Block

What's manlier than seasoning your food with no hands? Nothing, literally nothing. Bespoke Post just released this limited edition "Box of Awesome"

How it works:

This 10 x 10 block of Himalayan salt seasons your food with thousands of years of mountain history. After pre-heating the block on a grill, stove or even in the oven place literally anything on this block and cook as normal. I've found steak and veggies do best on the block. It adds the perfect amount of saltiness to your meal. But wait, that's not all. Having a dinner party and don't having any fancy serving plates for you tomato and buffalo mozzarella appetizers? Stick your salt block in the fridge or freezer and use it as a serving plate. It'll keep your temp sensitive treats perfect. And add an incredible flavor.

So, what else comes in the box?

I'll tell you what does. A state-of-the-art Butterfly Turner. this thing is incredible inside the kitchen. It's best suited for pans as it's extremely pliable and thin. It'll flip those over easy eggs or that typically messy piece of salmon with ease. And it looks great hanging in your kitchen.

But that's it? That's all I'll get?

Nope. Fiending for more seasonings and salts? I received two fantastic seasonings to the tune of SWEET ONION and a savory HABENERO. These went over swimmingly with some guests the other week. The flavors are spot on to their label. Like, almost too real to be real.

Get the box, kids. If nothing else, you'll have thousands of years of Himalayan history sitting in your kitchen. And that's cool enough for me.


-from the inside of My Father's Closet

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We need to talk. I've, uh noticed uh some things.....and we just, uh, need to talk.

Fellas, get your shoe game right! Ladies, make sure your man gets his shoes game right!

Now, I'm going to show you some photos of some shoes and your going to silently nod if you currently wear any of these. Ok?

Ok, so the last one was a joke, I hope. But seriously, the above are flagrant foot fouls. Now, I'm all for some kick back beaters to grab the mail in, but that's as far as they should go.

There are a couple staple shoe styles that you may or may not be aware of  that are important to your wardrobe.
Let's begin:

The Basic Casual:

 Lace-up low-tops are quite possibly the most versatile shoe on the market. I like to buy more creative and unique colors. These shoes also can be kept clean or roughed up a bit from use. Both will suit some trimmed jeans with rolled cuffs on the bottom. These also offer an opportunity to sport some awesome tap socks. Feel free to go with patterned sock as they will only enhance the overall unique styling. As you can tell, I wear my shoes until the day they die. But you should take care of yours by resoling and priorly giving them a brush off. Simplicity in ornamentation on the shoe is key for versatility with these types of shoes. is a great place to start for these shoes. P.S. Go leather, every time. 

 The Boot:

These are by far my favorite boot. These are motorcycle styled mid calf boots. FRYE makes an incredible product and is well worth the hefty investment. I have only had to oil these once in the past four years. I love a good worn look, as you can probably tell. These boots are extremely comfortable yet a tad bit cumbersome. Think about what sort of environment you'll be going before throwing these on. Whether you go cowboy or motorcycle, make sure they are quality. It will really count a year down the road.

The Loafer/Slip-On:

Skip the socks and throw these on. These are some of the easiest shoes to find and look great with everything, literally everything. Sport them with a suit (black socks obviously), shorts, khakis or jeans. By far the most comfortable in your closet. I snagged these at a local vintage store for $24. Again, so easy to find. They are also easy to look past. Next, time you see a pair just try 'em. The only con is that the weaving can come undone after a lot of use. This is irreparable. They also make tassel savers to keep everything tight, if that's what your into. It will allow you to wear these at nicer occasions if you keep them clean. Watch your foot odor if you often sport these. Nobody will talk to you. Gold Bond foot powder? Who knew you could actually use that stuff for what it says on the bottle. 

The Dress Shoe:

It doesn't matter what brand or how much you pay, dress shoes are a must. I'd stick to black and cordovan with these shoes. No need for any fancy wing-tip stuff, keep it simple. Usually when you're wearing these, you're flying under the radar. These are by far the cleanest shoe in your closet. Shine them after every use, as they should only be worn sparingly. I prefer a hard bottom sole rather than a rubber. It just looks nice. These shoes also may clean up your posture. It could just be a by product of the rest of the outfit with these but I see men walking more upright and with a bit more confidence in dress shoes.

The Low-Cut Boot:

Now this is where you can get fancy. Wing-tips galore! These boot feel phenomenal on your feet and garner a lot of respect from onlookers. These will be much lighter and far less cumbersome than your cowboy or motorcycle boots. I've seen plenty of people who wear these far differently than I do. Some people love to keep these guys all shiny and clean which I think can add a unique spin on your style. 

Quick Recap:

Stick to these styles: Boot, loafer, dress shoe, casual low-top, boat shoe, ankle-cut boot.
  • Keep it simple on designs and patterns.
  • Make sure you have your black, brown, and cordovan before you get crazy with color.
  • Invest in your feet.
  • Wear them how you like them.
  • Buy shoes versatile enough to suit different environments
However you wear 'em, just make sure to keep it simple. Swag on, my friends.

-from the inside of My Father's Closet

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Type Of Dad Do You Have?

Doing it "Daddy Style"

I thought the above pun will get us off to a great start in building into our own wardrobe our father's style. There is a laundry list of accoutrements that goes into the making of a true gentleman and father. But we must first discover what it is we are looking for when we enter the forbidden forest of Dad's closet. Let's be honest, it's tough to look past the track suits and power ties to get to the nitty gritty of your father's not-so-90's clothing. But it's in there. Trust me. Let's discover what some of the major types of "Daddy Style" are out there...

The "Corporate Ladder" Dad

You'll know instantly if this is your guy. He's got seven or more suits, twenty-two pairs of slacks, and close to sixty ties. And that about sums him up. Nope. You may have to do some sifting around, but there is surely a lot more to him. Almost every man has some sort of jewelry box with an assortment of cufflinks and tie clips. This sort of stuff was and is still a big deal. Cufflinks and tie tacks were often given as gifts and sometimes have some cool initials engraving on them. That's great stuff. It's cool to pay homage to your father by sporting some of his vintage gear. Cufflinks are exclusively for french cuffed (double cuffed) shirts. Which you may or may not have. If not, go pick one up and give it a try. They add a nice ornamentation to a seemingly plain white shirt, and the links will have a cool story to share if someone asks. Also, check out your dad's belts for size. Sometimes they can still fit even if you and your dad are different sizes. Dad's pre-broken-in belts may also offer some extra comfort and cool patina. Keep in mind casual button-downs as well as watches and shoes. My dad was one of these guys and I scored tons of loafers, lace-ups, and vintage watches. See, your dad's got more wearable fashion sense than you thought. 

The "Works With His Hands" Dad

I knew this George Straight, Wrangler Collection stock photography would get your attention! Now this photo may not look anything like your dad but you know he's got some gems in there. Folks, there are hats galore in this closet. Whether it be a taco-styled cowboy hat of just some old memorabilia trucker hat, these can work great with your personal style as well. Skip out on the generic stuff and go for the unique items. He may also have the perfect footwear for you, pending size. A lot of "works with his hands" dad's have some cool boots, with no need for a break-in period. These could be cowboy, hiking, CAT, or maybe if you're lucky some old FRYE boots. These will look awesome and worn with some cuffed jeans. This closet is home of some of the coolest casual button downs around. Even if they are big on you, they may very well look awesome untucked for just putzing around town. You know this closet is full of basics that you should have. So take some notes of what seemed practical for your dad, because for the most part, they're still practical basics. 

The "Comfort Zone" Dad

Look familiar? I know you know this guy. A casual guy at heart with corporate flavor. His time off is HIS time off! Be weary, there's a lot of polos and old t-shirts in there, so don't waste your time grabbing the ones that aren't unique to your dad's style. If you two have the same girth, check the shorts. I'm sure he's got some pairs he has been hanging onto for a while. Go for a shorter inseam short than you normally wear to show off your pasty thighs. This dad has some pretty conservative clothing for work but the second he steps into his {insert fiscally responsible vehicle here} the dress shoes come off and the boat shoes come on. There are plenty of older penny loafers and tanned boat shoes underneath the slacks or hanging behind the closet door. 
Besides the immense amount of comfort clothing, there may be some other cool accessories. Expect to find some other cool things like binoculars or old sunglasses. This dad takes care of the nice things he has so look for those, but make sure he's got more than one or doesn't use them.

The"Living the Good Ole' Days" Dad

You've seen the paddle, whether hanging or hidden. The stories are old by now but he lives and breathes by them. Everything he has held onto for the past 30 years has a story, and that's truly something you want in repurposing old clothing. Old fraternity sweaters and college memorabilia were once his staple. Don't mind the beer stains, it'll add some zest and natural flavoring. Most likely there are some pretty short short's in the drawer. Also, check out the t-shirts, he may very well have an old frat tank that would fit into the most casual of situations. Pictured to the left are some pretty sweet blazer's and sport coats. Double breasted's were commonplace and can still work casually as well as formally. Work them in with some fitted slacks of a coordinating color. If you're not sure, look it up. It's as simple as that to insure you're not the office doofus. Checked and tweed sport coats surely still have a place in today's styling but keep it relatively irregular. Size wise, I'd much rather have larger to oversized pieces on top than on the bottom. Rock his old sport coats with some lace-up low top dress shoes. Well-kept shoes are key in the workplace, so shine 'em up folks. Just make sure the shoes and belt are reasonably similar in color. I can't believe I said the word "doofus" earlier....

The "Ex-Military" Dad

If you ever had to bounce a quarter off your bed sheets in the morning this may very well be your dad. This dad is as conservative as gets style wise but there are a lot of themes and trends we can pull from his old military photos. My favorite is the plain white crew neck t-shirt with rolled sleeves. It's versatile enough to go with literally anything. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the new "camo everything" trend but if there just so happens to be one of your father's old jackets I'd snag it. Even if it never surfaces from the depths of your closet, it's just so fascinating to have. Another tip you can take from Dad is the "spit shine". A brilliant way to shine shoes to a perfect finish. Also, your Dad probably sports a belt with just about everything. You should too. Any old military patches could be a cool embellishment for whatever military style jacket or backpack you may have. The duffel bag also may be a hidden gem. It can be used as an overnighter or adventure bag. They aren't built for comfort so it'll be tough carrying long distance but it's awesome all the same. 

In short, your Dad's got more style than you think. You just have to weed through the 90's to find it. These are some serious generalizations of what I believe to be the pinnacle of the "father" archetype style. Your father may be nothing like any of these generalizations but the point still remains, whether you know it or not, your Dad's a badass. 

- from the inside of My Father's Closet