Thursday, December 4, 2014


When was the last time you were in a DSW?

A week ago? Months? YEARS???!!!

Yeah probably years. But wait, they carry quality men shoes for out of this world prices? Yes indeed they do. Remember, everybody knows DSW stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse. Duh.


Anyways, I stumbled (walked properly like an adult) into a DSW the other day and found that they had a massive selection of viable footwear for men. I used to think they only carried shoes that remind you of your old restaurant job. NOT TRUE. They sell solid brands such as: Bass, Ben Sherman, Calvin Klein, Clarks, Fendi, and Giorgio Brutini to list a few immaculately in alphabetical order. Thank you.

In short, I've been on the market for some cordovan double monk strap shoes for the past couple months. My price range was anywhere from $0 to $150 which eliminates pretty much every high end brand, which are typically the only ones that boast a monk strap. GIORGIO BRUTINI swooped in to save the day and provided me with some super solid Orbison Cognac Brogue Wingtip Double Monk Straps. All I had to do was exchange either electronic or paper currency for them to the tune of $69! Are you kidding me? No, I'm not. The least expensive monk strap you'll find. PERIOD. Win.

Initial Impressions

Confort: Took three all day wears to work out a lot of the initial stiffness. Fit kindly now, but still aren't going to be you're everyday clodhoppers if you're a comfort guy.

Look: Nice on approach. I wasn't too keen on the brogue wingtip design but they have grown on me. 

Quality: From an everyday standpoint, I could foresee the straps becoming frayed within months of consistent use. Also, there is an elastic retaining loop for the actual leather strap that seems to be flimsy and could break with concentrated wear on that area.

Other than that, I'm loving the monk strap lifestyle. Great intro pair to the wild world of monk.