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This is where it's at. Looking to fill out your man gear? For a mere $45 per month you have access to a number of "Boxes of Awesome".

How it works:

  1. You head over to
  2. Login or signup. (Super easy, literally takes seconds)
  3. Check out this months "Boxes of Awesome"
  4. Join the club.
So, I am in no way affiliated with this corporation. I just LOVE what they are doing. Their website is super easy to maneuver and their products are phenomenal. I WILL BE REVIEWING EVERY BOX I RECEIVE. They often add two new boxes a month and the best seller's stick around so hopefully I can lend some advice on how I felt about a particular box you may be pensive or hesitant about.

If by the off chance you don't find any of that month's boxes appealing, just opt-out of that month's shipment. No charge, no hassle.

Let's say you only want one item from a box, they have an incredible products section to piece together a custom order fit for you. 

Also, the deals are great. These guys really know how to put together an incredible package of unique and useful man items. From Himalayan Salt Blocks with specialty salts included to handmade axes with fine leather sheathes to cufflinks, tie clips and wallet. 

Trust me, you'll want everything.

-from the inside of My Father's Closet

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