Monday, June 9, 2014

Himalayan Salt Block

What's manlier than seasoning your food with no hands? Nothing, literally nothing. Bespoke Post just released this limited edition "Box of Awesome"

How it works:

This 10 x 10 block of Himalayan salt seasons your food with thousands of years of mountain history. After pre-heating the block on a grill, stove or even in the oven place literally anything on this block and cook as normal. I've found steak and veggies do best on the block. It adds the perfect amount of saltiness to your meal. But wait, that's not all. Having a dinner party and don't having any fancy serving plates for you tomato and buffalo mozzarella appetizers? Stick your salt block in the fridge or freezer and use it as a serving plate. It'll keep your temp sensitive treats perfect. And add an incredible flavor.

So, what else comes in the box?

I'll tell you what does. A state-of-the-art Butterfly Turner. this thing is incredible inside the kitchen. It's best suited for pans as it's extremely pliable and thin. It'll flip those over easy eggs or that typically messy piece of salmon with ease. And it looks great hanging in your kitchen.

But that's it? That's all I'll get?

Nope. Fiending for more seasonings and salts? I received two fantastic seasonings to the tune of SWEET ONION and a savory HABENERO. These went over swimmingly with some guests the other week. The flavors are spot on to their label. Like, almost too real to be real.

Get the box, kids. If nothing else, you'll have thousands of years of Himalayan history sitting in your kitchen. And that's cool enough for me.


-from the inside of My Father's Closet

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