Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tie Clips and Your Morning Beverage

Your sitting in your cubicle, trying to believe you can revolutionize your entire company's account info with one Excel formula. You lean over your desk to plug in your phone charger and BLOOP. Tie's in the coffee. You are now the office wet puppy all day, and you now don't meet the corporate suit and tie dress code. BAM! Boss(wo)man strolls up and says,"Hey, kid, what happened to your shirt and tie?"
"I ....uh...well, see the thing tie..."
"...Just drank your coffee for you?"
"Well, yeah."
"...And I'm trusting you to organize our company's financial information and you don't even have the sense to wear a tie clip?"
"Well, yes."

{Insert FACE PALM here}

That's you. Slowly swiveling in your chair watching your boss face palm. Sad.

DON'T spend a lot of money on these. There is absolutely no point. I've had a $7 one from Target for two years and have had no problems. The others in my collection are 25+ years old and work perfectly. 

Just be sure your clip is the same size or shorter than the width of your tie. No overhang, fellas.

Buy classic, buy cool. In the words of my 1st grade teacher,"Keep It Simple, Stupid."

P.S> I keep my clips, cuffs, and tacks in a cigar box. Five bucks at any cigar store. And you get to go to a cigar store. BONUS!

- from the inside of My Father's Closet

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