Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We need to talk. I've, uh noticed uh some things.....and we just, uh, need to talk.

Fellas, get your shoe game right! Ladies, make sure your man gets his shoes game right!

Now, I'm going to show you some photos of some shoes and your going to silently nod if you currently wear any of these. Ok?

Ok, so the last one was a joke, I hope. But seriously, the above are flagrant foot fouls. Now, I'm all for some kick back beaters to grab the mail in, but that's as far as they should go.

There are a couple staple shoe styles that you may or may not be aware of  that are important to your wardrobe.
Let's begin:

The Basic Casual:

 Lace-up low-tops are quite possibly the most versatile shoe on the market. I like to buy more creative and unique colors. These shoes also can be kept clean or roughed up a bit from use. Both will suit some trimmed jeans with rolled cuffs on the bottom. These also offer an opportunity to sport some awesome tap socks. Feel free to go with patterned sock as they will only enhance the overall unique styling. As you can tell, I wear my shoes until the day they die. But you should take care of yours by resoling and priorly giving them a brush off. Simplicity in ornamentation on the shoe is key for versatility with these types of shoes. is a great place to start for these shoes. P.S. Go leather, every time. 

 The Boot:

These are by far my favorite boot. These are motorcycle styled mid calf boots. FRYE makes an incredible product and is well worth the hefty investment. I have only had to oil these once in the past four years. I love a good worn look, as you can probably tell. These boots are extremely comfortable yet a tad bit cumbersome. Think about what sort of environment you'll be going before throwing these on. Whether you go cowboy or motorcycle, make sure they are quality. It will really count a year down the road.

The Loafer/Slip-On:

Skip the socks and throw these on. These are some of the easiest shoes to find and look great with everything, literally everything. Sport them with a suit (black socks obviously), shorts, khakis or jeans. By far the most comfortable in your closet. I snagged these at a local vintage store for $24. Again, so easy to find. They are also easy to look past. Next, time you see a pair just try 'em. The only con is that the weaving can come undone after a lot of use. This is irreparable. They also make tassel savers to keep everything tight, if that's what your into. It will allow you to wear these at nicer occasions if you keep them clean. Watch your foot odor if you often sport these. Nobody will talk to you. Gold Bond foot powder? Who knew you could actually use that stuff for what it says on the bottle. 

The Dress Shoe:

It doesn't matter what brand or how much you pay, dress shoes are a must. I'd stick to black and cordovan with these shoes. No need for any fancy wing-tip stuff, keep it simple. Usually when you're wearing these, you're flying under the radar. These are by far the cleanest shoe in your closet. Shine them after every use, as they should only be worn sparingly. I prefer a hard bottom sole rather than a rubber. It just looks nice. These shoes also may clean up your posture. It could just be a by product of the rest of the outfit with these but I see men walking more upright and with a bit more confidence in dress shoes.

The Low-Cut Boot:

Now this is where you can get fancy. Wing-tips galore! These boot feel phenomenal on your feet and garner a lot of respect from onlookers. These will be much lighter and far less cumbersome than your cowboy or motorcycle boots. I've seen plenty of people who wear these far differently than I do. Some people love to keep these guys all shiny and clean which I think can add a unique spin on your style. 

Quick Recap:

Stick to these styles: Boot, loafer, dress shoe, casual low-top, boat shoe, ankle-cut boot.
  • Keep it simple on designs and patterns.
  • Make sure you have your black, brown, and cordovan before you get crazy with color.
  • Invest in your feet.
  • Wear them how you like them.
  • Buy shoes versatile enough to suit different environments
However you wear 'em, just make sure to keep it simple. Swag on, my friends.

-from the inside of My Father's Closet


  1. Seth...totally agree with the show 'advice' and selection...I have all those in my closet as staples...minus the FRYE boots....I had a beautiful pair of boots that were high boots like the ones you picture. a momentary lapse of reason...sold them because I wore them 1 time in like 3 they were perfect....1 month later I needed them and ever since then I have dreaded selling them...they coulda been special...and new ones are to any and all...NEVER SELL THEM ONCE U GET THEM...all staple-shoes get better with age...and..I love thrift shopping finds...I did just get a new pair of shoes, black dress, with tags on them still...for $5.00 retail $75.00....I bought a custom tailored vintage suit in up state NY in a little mountain was Tailored by Dimitir of is vintage...estimated value of $5K...was already offered $1K from a taylor here in town...Im not selling it ever as it fit me like a proverbial was meant to be mine...and I got an Armani jacket at Good Will for $4.95 that retails for $999.99 I am an avid shopper of thrift...every taylored suit I have...without excepotion...was bought at thrift a bit too big and then taylored to fit me....I have 5 suits that cost me maybe $125.00

  2. sorry for above typos....I swear I'm not drunk...wink wink

  3. I feel educated now. I'm wondering where the casual sneaker fits into the mix