Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Punctual Gentleman

What do you look for in watches?


There are plenty of well known brands that have phenomenal pedigree and history. And that doesn't mean they have to be expensive. Brands like Timex, Rolex, Seiko, Casio, Citizen and Swatch.All of these brand's offer both high-end affordable watches (less than $500 US). However you can easily find fantastic watches from companies with a superb family history and great consumer review. I personally don't condone spending an exorbitant amount on a daily-wear watches. You don't want to expose a fine watch to the elements and forget you're wearing it. 


If you're going to have multiple, go for versatility in shape and size. There is no point in having multiple watches that look alike. I find that circular faced watches blend well with any outfit depending on band style. However, it's easy to catch eyes staring at your wrist when things get a bit more unique. If I were looking for a unique face shape I would spend less, as they can't be worn 24/7. Square and rectangular faced watches look great in more dressy situations. Not only will it look great but it could be a fine ice breaker. Small or Big? There is no right answer, just make sure it is proportional to your wrist and body size. Bigger gentleman look better with over sized or larger faced watches, and vice versa for our smaller gentleman. 

Band Style:

There are many times you will pay more for a band than the watch itself. The first watch mistake I ever made was buying a faux leather band. It's just not worth it. The band broke in two weeks. Fork out the $70-$100 and get a nice croc leather or cow hide watch band. Go for great colors, but make sure your shoes aren't all black. I like for my band to coincide with my belt and my shoes. It doesn't have to be exact but make sure there is a common thread that ties everything together. Make sure if you only have one watch, the band is conservative i.e. Black, Brown, Gold, Silver. Dress your watches to the occasion. There is no need for a gold band to putz around in. People will still say,"Wow, I really like your watch!" And they'll mean it but what they're really saying is,"Wow, cool watch bro, you know we're camping right?" Don't be the guy who can't collect firewood for everyone because he's too worried about scratching his watch or band.


Literally anything but throwing it on your bedside table. You've spent good money on them, keep them looking sharp. 

Dos and Do Nots:

  • Do buy watches that you can wear forever
  • Do think about you watch or it's band's versatility
  • Do share your affordable findings with friends
  • Don't tell people you have a Rolex if they never ask. (Trust me, they'll ask. And then stare at you thinking"How'd he do it? Inheritance? Promotion? Thief?")
  • Don't think the price of your watch has anything to do with it's medial quality. 
  • Do have fun learning about your watch
-from the inside of My Father's Closet

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  1. Retro is cool...I love hunting for retro watches that are quality but not wellknown or mass produced...my everyday banger is a seiko...not unique but it has a black rubber band...with silver 3 dial chrono look that i can wear with shorts in the pool or with a suit. Very versitle...and if I lose it or whatever...no biggie...i have had it 4 yrs...had to replace band once...